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Best Alice Walker Quotes

Alice Walker Quotes About Love, Nature, Feminism, Education, Power, Writing, Color Purple, Change & Friendship! Alice Walker is an African American writer and poet who has won the Pulitzer Prize for her work ‘The Color Purple.’ In Eatonton, Georgia, she was born on February 9, 1944. The family had eight children, and her mother worked as a house cleaner to help maintain them all. To attend Spelman College, Atlanta, Walker received a scholarship.

Alice Walker Quotes

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When she graduated in 1965, she published her first short tale. Walker went on to work as a social worker, a teacher, and a lecturer after graduating from college. She became a part of the fight for civil rights, working for the dignity of all African Americans. Walker, more recognized as a writer, demonstrated her narrative abilities in her first book, Third Life of Grange Copeland (1970). Walker continues to experiment with various types of writing. Langston Hughes: American Poet was her debut children’s book. In addition, Walker became a significant figure in the Black feminist movement because of her activism.

Walker’s third book, The Color Purple, began her writing career in 1982. During the early 1900s, the story depicts the lives and hardships of Celie, a female African American narrator. The film adaptation was a critical and commercial success, earning 11 nominations for the Academy Awards. Despite being a writer for more than four decades, Walker has no intentions to slow down.

According to her website, there have been more than 15 million copies sold of Walker’s novels. Walker won the O. Henry Award and the Mahmoud Darwish Award, two of the best awards for fiction. Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, made Walker’s files accessible to the public in 2007.

Best Alice Walker Quotes

1. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”-Alice Walker.

2. “Being happy is not the only happiness.”-Alice Walker.

3. “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.”-Alice Walker.

4. “For, in the end, freedom is a personal and lonely battle; and one faces down fears of today so that those of tomorrow might be engaged.”-Alice Walker.

5. “In wondering ’bout the big things and asking ’bout the big things, you learn about the little ones almost by accident.”-Alice Walker.

6. “Look closely at the present you are constructing: it should look like the future you are dreaming.”-Alice Walker.

7. “It just seems clear to me that as long as we are all here, it’s pretty clear that the struggle is to share the planet, rather than divide it.”-Alice Walker.

8. “Don’t wait around for other people to be happy for you. Any happiness you get you’ve got to make yourself.”-Alice Walker.

9. “Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be.”-Alice Walker.

10. “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men.”-Alice Walker.

11. “Too much respect for people who are not respectful to you is a sure sign of insecurity.”-Alice Walker.

12. “In every life there comes a point when you have to make a decision about how you will live.”-Alice Walker.

13. “I’m always amazed that people will actually choose to sit in front of the television and just be savaged by stuff that belittles their intelligence.”-Alice Walker.

14. “Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.”-Alice Walker.

15. “The world is as beautiful as it ever was. It is changing, but then it always has been. This is a good time to change, and remain beautiful, with it.”-Alice Walker.

16. “Laughter isn’t even the other side of tears. It is tears turned inside out.”-Alice Walker.

17. “There is no graceful way to carry hatred.”-Alice Walker.

18. “Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.”-Alice Walker.

19. “Ignorance, arrogance, and racism have bloomed as superior knowledge in all too many universities.”-Alice Walker.

20. “How we come into this world, how we are ushered in, met, and hopefully embraced upon arrival, impacts the whole of our time on earth.”-Alice Walker.

21. “Just cause I love her don’t take away none of her rights.”-Alice Walker.

22. “Every stitch I sew will be a kiss.”-Alice Walker.

23. “The more I wonder, the more I love.”-Alice Walker.

24. “I feel the less harm I do, the lighter my heart. I love a light heart. And when I know I’m causing suffering, I feel the heaviness of it. It’s a physical pain.”-Alice Walker.

25. “Who am I to tell her who to love? My job just to love her good and true myself.”-Alice Walker.

26. “Every soul is to be cherished, every flower is to bloom.”-Alice Walker.

27. “I feel that all you can do is give it your absolute best with whatever gifts the universe has given you. And if you make it in some way that other people can recognize, that’s fine.”-Alice Walker.

28. “Everything want to be loved.”-Alice Walker.

29. “The most healthy thing is to be true to your own self, but also, that you have a right to express what you see and what you feel and what you think. To be bold.”-Alice Walker.

30. “I love his dear eyes in which the vulnerability and beauty of his soul can be plainly read.”-Alice Walker.

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