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Best Amanda Gorman Quotes

Amanda Gorman Quotes About Education, Love, Feminism, Light, The hill we Climb, Inauguration, Poem, Writing & Reading! At President Biden’s inauguration in 2021, Amanda Gorman read her poem “The Hill We Climb” to a worldwide audience. On March 7, 1998, Amanda Gorman was born in Los Angeles, California. He had a speech impediment as a child and received an auditory-processing disorder diagnosis. Growing up, Gorman attended New Roads, a progressive private school in Santa Monica.

Amanda Gorman Quotes

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When She was 16, Gorman was a United Nations youth delegate. Her major was sociology at Harvard University. She was named the LA Youth Poet Laureate when she was 16. In 2017, she was named the first National Youth Poet Laureate. One Pen One Page is a non-profit organization she founded to promote the arts and literacy among youth.

Her work also involved researching events such as the 1918 flu pandemic. Gorman’s performance led Dr. Jill Biden to suggest Gorman write a poem for Vice President Kamala Harris’ and President Joe Biden’s inaugurations. The Biden Inaugural Committee extended an invitation to perform at the inauguration in December 2020. Gorman’s poems had been heard at the Obama White House, the Library of Congress, and the Lincoln Center before 2021.

She read a poem called “Chorus of the Captains” at the Super Bowl after her inauguration. Before her inauguration performance, Gorman had been working on that appearance, but she has received numerous other offers. Instagram’s official account posted Gorman’s poem “A New Day’s Lyric” to proclaim the new year 2022 at the end of 2021. In addition to raising money for the International Rescue Committee, taking part in the initiative would involve $50,000 being provided by Instagram.

Best Amanda Gorman Quotes

1. “Let each dawn find us courageous, brought closer, heeding the lights before the fight is over.” – Amanda Gorman

2. “Poetry is the lens we use to interrogate the history we stand on and the future we stand for.” – Amanda Gorman

3. “Whenever I listen to songs, I rewrite them in my head.” – Amanda Gorman

4. “In everything you write, write something that is brave enough to be hopeful.” – Amanda Gorman

5. “That even as we grieved, we grew. That even as we hurt, we hoped. That even as we tired, we tried.” – Amanda Gorman

6. “Change is made of choices, & choices are made of character.” – Amanda Gorman

7. “When this ends, we’ll smile sweetly, finally seeing.” – Amanda Gorman

8. “Not because we will never again know defeat, but because we will never again sow division.” – Amanda Gorman

9. “We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace.” – Amanda Gorman

10. “I was writing since I can remember—I just didn’t know it was poetry yet, or that writing could be a career.” – Amanda Gorman

11. “Please. Do not ask us who we are. The hardest part of grief / Is giving it a name.” – Amanda Gorman

12. “What contributed to my writing early on is how my mom encouraged it. She kept the TV off because she wanted my siblings and I to be engaged and active. So we made forts, put on plays, musicals, and I wrote like crazy.” – Amanda Gorman

13. “One of the most rewarding moments of my career is when I’m speaking to a child who tells me they have the same speech impediment that I had to overcome and that they’re going to keep writing or sharing their voice after hearing my story.” – Amanda Gorman

14. “We will not march back to what was, but move to what shall be; a country that is bruised but whole, benevolent but bold, fierce and free.” – Amanda Gorman

15. “You don’t have to be a poet, you don’t have to be a politician or be in the White House to make an impact with your words.” – Amanda Gorman

16. “Read children’s books, dance alone to DJ music. Know that this distance will make our hearts grow fonder. ‘From a wave of woes, our world will emerge stronger.’” – Amanda Gorman

17. “While we might feel small, separate, and all alone, our people have never been more tightly tethered. The question isn’t if we will weather this unknown, but how we will weather the unknown together.” – Amanda Gorman

18. “I think we run into issues when our online brands are not rooted in who we are, and I think we need to have explicit discussions with ourselves about who we want to be, what we want to represent, and how we want to express that.” – Amanda Gorman

19. “Since the world is round / There is no way to walk away / From each other, for even then / We are coming back together.” – Amanda Gorman

20. “I was obsessed with everything and anything; I wanted to learn everything, to read everything, to do everything. I was constantly on sensory overload. I’d hoard dozens of books in my second-grade cubby, and literally try to read two at a time, side by side.” – Amanda Gorman

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