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Best Anya Chalotra Quotes

Anya Chalotra Quotes About Love, Life, Knowledge & Success! Anya Chalotra is a British actor known for her role as “Jennifer Ashman” in the drama series “Wanderlust.”  Anya Chalotra was born on January 31, 1996, in Wolverhampton, England. She went to “St. Dominic’s Grammar School.” She also studied acting and music at London’s prestigious Guildhall School. She was a frequent cast member in her school’s theater shows. After completing high school, Chalotra studied at the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art’ (LAMDA) to study acting.

Anya Chalotra Quotes

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Initially, Chalotra made her acting debut in London’s theater scene. She has appeared in several plays, including “Notoriously Abused,” “Great Expectations,” The Same Deep Water as Me” and The Merchant of Venice.” In the television show ‘Wanderlust,’ Chalotra made her debut in the role of ‘Jennifer Ashman.’

On September 4, 2018, ‘BBC One’ broadcast the first episode of the new series. In addition to the UK, ‘Netflix’ also streams ‘Wanderlust.’ Chalotra has been cast in the ABC Murders miniseries. Her major break came when she was cast as the character Yennefer in the forthcoming Netflix fantasy drama The Witcher. The show is base on a series of books by the renowned Polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski.

The decision to adopt “The Witcher” into a television series was met with enthusiasm by fans of the video game. Fans felt that Chalotra was too young for the role and that the age gap between her and co-star Henry Cavill was offensive. But the show’s creator, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, did agree with the choice to cast Chalotra. Anya enjoys the written word, retail therapy, and exotic locales in her free time.

Best Anya Chalotra Quotes

1. For everyone else who aren’t fantasy fans or who don’t know anything about ‘The Witcher’, this is something that we can experience together because it’s drawn from the novels, but there is so much within the novels that we have developed. -Anya Chalotra 

2. I went from a very structured life in Oxford going to school every day to suddenly a week later I was living in Budapest for eight months. It’s a big change so I feel I’ve changed so much from that experience as a person. -Anya Chalotra 

3. I didn’t know anything about ‘The Witcher’ novels or the games, before I auditioned. -Anya Chalotra 

4. I’m in control of my social media, I can shut it off when I want to and when it gets to in my head, and I can interact with the fans when I want to, too. -Anya Chalotra 

5. A fantasy is a world where anyone fits in. -Anya Chalotra 

6. For me, it’s about honest interactions with people, always being honest with myself. That’s my biggest power. -Anya Chalotra 

7. I care about fans more than they think. -Anya Chalotra 

8. I’ve never watched ‘Game Of Thrones’, but I obviously know how huge it is and how the fans responded to it, and I only hope for similar success with ‘The Witcher’ because wow – that would be amazing. -Anya Chalotra 

9. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fantasy genre. I love ‘Harry Potter’. -Anya Chalotra 

10. I can only do my job and do the best I can as an actor. -Anya Chalotra 

11. It’s so hard to put your journey apart from the story line, when you’ve lived through it yourself or know what’s a spoiler and what’s not, especially when I wasn’t a fan of ‘The Witcher’ before I started filming. -Anya Chalotra 

12. I feel stronger and I feel like I’ve gained so much knowledge and new perspectives because I’ve met so many different people. -Anya Chalotra 

13. And whatever job I am doing at the time, I try to remain focused on that role. -Anya Chalotra 

14. Eight months with a cast and crew is a long time. -Anya Chalotra 

15. I haven’t read all of The Witcher novels. And that’s only because I am very thorough. I read every detail and often have to go back to the page before and read it again, and I ask questions as I go along, since I am that character. -Anya Chalotra 

16. Obviously, being an actor I am very self-critical and I will always want to serve the fans, but I’ve always tried to focus on the positive, and more importantly, on the story. -Anya Chalotra 

17. And living in Budapest for eight months was incredible. -Anya Chalotra 

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