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Best Cardi B Quotes

Cardi B Quotes About Life, Love, Funny, Lyrics, Money, Inspirational & Success! Belcalis Almanzar, best known by her stage name Cardi B, is an American rapper. New York City’s Bronx borough is where Belcalis Almanzar was born on October 11, 1992. Throughout her childhood, Cardi B has said that she was a member of the Bloods gang, which she joined at 16. On the Herbert H. Lehman campus, she attended the Renaissance High Institution for Musical Theater & Technology, a small, specialized school.

Cardi B Quotes

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After working at an Amish store in Lower Manhattan as a teenager, Cardi B turned to strip when she was 19 years old. After several numbers of her videos went viral on Vine and her own Instagram profile, Cardi B started to achieve notoriety in 2013. Cardi made her musical debut on Shaggy’s remix of “Boom Boom” in November 2015, together with fellow Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan.

Her Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2 mixtapes was released on January 20, 2017. In February 2017, Cardi B worked with MAC Cosmetics and Rio Uribe’s Gypsy Sport for the New York Fashion Week event. Cardi B’s commercial debut song, “Bodak Yellow,” was released digitally on June 16, 2017, by Atlantic Records and Listed at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 list. Top R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charted at no. 1 with the song.

Season six of Love & Hip Hop: New York debuted Cardi B as a new cast member in 2015. She’s one of the most notable newcomers to the program this year. Despite the flash and glamour of her newfound fame, she stays grounded, speaks her mind, and sticks to her convictions. She’s become a symbol of a new kind of feminism in the eyes of the media.

Best Cardi B Quotes

1. “Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10.” – Cardi B

2. “I’m an emotional gangster. I cry once every month.” – Cardi B

3. “I’m livin’ my best life.” – Cardi B

4. “Knock me down 9 times, but I get up 10.” – Cardi B

5. “Ain’t no more beefing, I’m just keeping to myself. I’m my own competition, I’m competing with myself.” – Cardi B

6. “Do whatever you have to do. People always want to tell you how to do it. No, do it your way. And don’t ask for like oh how can you do it … do it, figure it out. I figured it out one way or another and I did it.” – Cardi B

7. “But being a feminist is real simple; it’s that a woman can do things the same as a man. Anything a man can do, I can do. I can finesse, I can hustle. We have the same freedom. I was top of the charts. I’m a woman and I did that. I do feel equal to a man.” – Cardi B

8. “Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue” – Cardi B

9. “And karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with.” – Cardi B

10. “You just learn as time passes.” – Cardi B

11. “I only f*** with people who are secure enough to be happy for me and hype me up. I don’t want any ‘friends’ who fall silent during my success.”- Cardi B

12. “Said, “Lil b****, you can’t f*** with me if you wanted to.”- Cardi B

13. “Remain humble but stay hungry.” – Cardi B

14. “Made a couple M’s with my best friends / Turned all my L’s into lessons” – Cardi B

15. “I’m in a boss b**** mood” – Cardi B

16. “I pay my mama bills, I ain’t got no time to chill.” – Cardi B

17. “I’m the rose that came from concrete.” – Cardi B

18. “The glow got b****** so shook at me.” – Cardi B

19. “If you say that you’re humble, you’re not humble. You gotta wait until somebody tells you that you’re humble.” – Cardi B

20. “Don’t matter if you f*ck with me, I get money regardless.” – Cardi B

21. “I’m gonna be on a budget until the day I die.” – Cardi B

22. “I’m a boss in a skirt, I’m a dog, I’m a flirt.” – Cardi B

23. “Can’t be starting all these problems if you cannot solve them.” – Cardi B

24. “I’m just a regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx.” – Cardi B

25. “I be in and out them banks so much, I know they’re tired of me.” – Cardi B

26. “Don’t reach out to me, don’t talk to me, don’t like my s**t, don’t follow me, because I know when you’re being fake.”- Cardi B

27. “Be careful with me. Yeah, it’s not a threat, it’s a warnin’”- Cardi B

28. “Fleek the definition of me. I keep it in check papi. I am a whole different breed.” – Cardi B

29. “I am a masterpiece, you are a tragedy. Finish you like Mortal Kombat; fatality.” – Cardi B

30. “I’m going to encourage any type of woman. You don’t have to be a woman like me for me to encourage and support you and tell you, ‘yes b****, keep on going.’” – Cardi B

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