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Best Fred Hampton Quotes

Fred Hampton Quotes About Love, Education, Fascism, Socialism, Poem, Police, & Black Capitalism! Fred Hampton, a civil rights activist of the 1960s, was an enthralling revolutionary. On August 30, 1948, Frederick Allen Hampton was born. Hampton received his education in Irving Elementary School and Proviso East High School. He was the head of the school’s Interracial Committee in high school. He also opposed the school’s policy of only nominating white females for homecoming queen, which led to black students’ inclusion. Hampton was the driving force behind the NAACP’s West Suburban chapter Youth Council, which amassed more than 500 members under his direction.

Fred Hampton Quotes

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In November 1968, Hampton helped form the Black Panther Party’s Illinois branch. He held the position of the local chapter in Chicago from his home base in Illinois. Hampton organized community initiatives as a Black Panther, including complimentary breakfasts and medical clinics. Law enforcement’s reaction to Hampton’s achievement and rise in prominence was adverse. As a result, the local police department sought Hampton. An old traffic warrant surfaced when he was on television in Chicago in January 1969, and police grabbed him.

This case resulted in Hampton’s conviction and two to five years behind bars. Black Panther and police tensions intensified when two police officers and one Black Panther were shot dead in November 1969. Hampton became the party’s national spokesperson after leaders like Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale were forced to resign due to criminal indictments against them.

During an early morning raid on Hampton’s flat in 1969, local police officers shot and killed the 21-year-old. Fred Hampton’s murder case was portrayed in the 1971 film The Murder of Fred Hampton. To this day, the legacy of Fred Hampton’s efforts serves as an inspiration for others working for racial equality.

Best Fred Hampton Quotes

1. “Black people need some peace. White people need some peace. And we are going to have to fight. We’re going to have to struggle. We’re going to have to struggle relentlessly to bring about some peace, because the people that we’re asking for peace, they are a bunch of megalomaniac warmongers, and they don’t even understand what peace means.” – Fred Hampton

2. “People have to be armed to have power, you see.” – Fred Hampton

3. “You have to understand that people have to pay a price for peace. If you dare to struggle, you dare to win.” – Fred Hampton

4. “I have a lot of respect for Martin Luther King. I think he was one of the greatest orators that the country ever produced.” – Fred Hampton

5. “Like we always said, if you’re asked to make a commitment at the age of twenty and you say I don’t want to make that commitment only because of the simple reason that I’m too young to die, I wanna live a little bit longer—what you did is, you’re dead already.” – Fred Hampton

6. “Why don’t you live for the people? Why don’t you struggle for the people? Why don’t you die for the people?” – Fred Hampton

7. “I was born in a bourgeois community and had some of the better things in life, but I found that there were more people starving than there were people eating, more people that didn’t have clothes than did have clothes, and I just happened to be one of the few. So I decided that I wouldn’t stop doing what I’m doing until all those people are free.” – Fred Hampton

8. “You don’t miss the water ‘til the well runs dry.” – Fred Hampton

9. “We have to start learning, and you learn through practice. We have to start making mistakes, and you learn through making mistakes.” – Fred Hampton

10. “They talked us into buying candy bars and throwing the candy away and eating the wrapper.” – Fred Hampton

11. “We’re gonna have to do more than talk. We’re gonna have to do more than listen. We’re gonna have to do more than learn. We’re gonna have to start practicing and that’s very hard. We’re gonna have to start getting out there with the people and that’s difficult. Sometimes we think we’re better than the people so it’s gonna take a lot of hard work.” – Fred Hampton

12. “That we might be in school now, might think we’re on the mountain top, but we’re gonna come down to the valley, because people in the valley, commitment’s in the valley, oppression’s in the valley, aggression, repression, fascism, all exists in the valley. No matter how nice it might be on the mountain top, we’ve got a commitment, so we’re going back. We got to go back to the valley.” – Fred Hampton

13. “In plain proletarian worker’s language, it takes two to tango.” – Fred Hampton

14. “I’m not going to die slipping on no ice.” – Fred Hampton

15. “Power anywhere where there’s people!” – Fred Hampton

16. “Everything would be alright if everything was put back in the hands of the people, and we’re going to have to put it back in the hands of the people.” – Fred Hampton

17. “And how do they fool you? Because they pick the leaders they want. And they put those people up there and portray them as being your leaders when, in fact, they’re leaders of nobody.” – Fred Hampton

18. “With no education, you have neocolonialism instead of colonialism, like you’ve got in Africa now and like you’ve got in Haiti. So what we’re talking about is there has to be an educational program. That’s very important.” – Fred Hampton

19. “We know that political power doesn’t flow from the sleeve of a dashiki. We know that political power flows from the barrel of a gun.” – Fred Hampton

20. “Nothing is more important than stopping fascism, because fascism is gonna stop us all.” ― Fred Hampton

21. “We’re going to fight racism not with racism, but we’re going to fight with solidarity. We say we’re not going to fight capitalism with black capitalism, but we’re going to fight it with socialism.” – Fred Hampton

22. “Socialism is the people! You afraid of yourself. If you afraid of socialism, you afraid of yourself.” – Fred Hampton

23. “We understood that politics is nothing but war without bloodshed and war is nothing but politics with bloodshed.” – Fred Hampton

24. “I’m telling you that we’re living in an infectious society right now. I’m telling you that we’re living in a sick society. And anybody that endorses integrating into this sick society before it’s cleaned up is a man who’s committing a crime against the people.” – Fred Hampton

25. “Changing your name is not gonna change our set of arrangements. The only thing that’s gonna change our set of arrangements is what’s gotten us into this set of arrangements. And that’s the oppressor.” – Fred Hampton

26. “We say it’s no longer a question of violence or non-violence. We say it’s a question of resistance to fascism or non-existence within fascism.” – Fred Hampton

27. “Let me just say: Peace to you, if you’re willing to fight for it.” – Fred Hampton

28. “We might not be back. I might be in jail. I might be anywhere. But when I leave, you’ll remember I said, with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary. And you’re going to have to keep on saying that. You’re going to have to say that I am a proletariat; I am the people.” – Fred Hampton

29. “I believe I’m going to die doing the things I was born to do. I believe I’m going to die high off the people. I believe I’m going to die a revolutionary in the international revolutionary proletarian struggle.” – Fred Hampton

30. “You can jail a revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution.” – Fred Hampton

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