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Best Ilhan Omar Quotes

Ilhan Omar Quotes About Politics, Courageous, Resilient & An American! On January 3, 2019, Ilhan Omar was put into power as a U.S. Representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. On October 4, 1982, Omar Ilhan was born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Somalia’s civil war began in 1991 when she was eight years old. Her family moved to Kenya, where they spent four years in the Dadaab refugee camp until moving to New York City in 1992.

Ilhan Omar Quotes

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Becoming an American citizen in 2000, Ilhan Omar went to high school at Edison High School, where she was an organizer for student activism. In 2011, she graduated from North Dakota State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and international studies. She was a Humphrey School of Public Affairs Policy Fellow at Minnesota. At the University of Minnesota in 2006, she became a nutrition educator for the greater Minneapolis–Saint Paul region.

As a member of the DFL Party, Ilhan Omar stood for election to the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 60B, where she has resided for the previous two decades. She won the DFL primary In August 2016. Her Republican opponent Abdimalik Askar dropped his campaign, opening her path to becoming the first Somali American lawmaker in the United States.

Ilhan was one of the targets of Christopher Hasson, a “long term White Nationalist” and Coast Guard Lieutenant who the FBI detained in February 2019. “Assassinate Ilhan Omar” graffiti was found in a Rogers, Minnesota, Holiday gas station washroom that month, and Patrick Carlineo Jr. was arrested for threatening to attack and physically kill her. Trump drew fire after quoting from part of her address at a Council on American-Islamic Relations conference in which she said that “some individuals did something,” according to ‘The New York Post.’

Best Ilhan Omar Quotes

1. “Hope will be found by understanding that diversity is the essence of the American Dream and why we need each other to fulfill it.” — Ilhan Omar

2. “I am proof that, as Americans, we can embrace our differences.” — Ilhan Omar

3. “I believe in the ideals of America, in liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness.” — Ilhan Omar

4. “Truly, this is a nation that sees itself as one that instills hope and is really about allowing people to pursue their dreams.” — Ilhan Omar

5. “This is a land of immigrants, and most come here for opportunity, a second chance.” — Ilhan Omar

6. “Learning is not limited to the classroom, and Minnesota shouldn’t limit its education resources there, either.” — Ilhan Omar

7. “I believe women and minorities often wait for permission to be invited to something; we need to stop doing that.” — Ilhan Omar

8. “I am much more interested in defending my ideas than defending my identities.” — Ilhan Omar

9. “I would have loved to have heard a story like mine. I could have used it as an inspiration to get by.” — Ilhan Omar

10. “If we are not actively fighting against regressive ideologies, we are contributing to making them grow.” — Ilhan Omar

11. “I think a big part of my faith teachings is to work together towards equality: that we’re all created equal, and under the eyes of God, we all have a right to freedom and to access our rights equally.” — Ilhan Omar

12. “We must see others’ struggles as our own, and their success as our success, so we can speak to our common humanity.” — Ilhan Omar

13. “We need to recognize that racism has never been subtle, though it has gone under-reported.” — Ilhan Omar

14. “Every student has something to offer, and every student deserves a nurturing learning environment.” — Ilhan Omar

15. “Our immigration policy should be based in compassion and a desire to help the other.” — Ilhan Omar

16. “We need to be constantly reminded that this is a representative democracy, and we need to be in tune to what people are talking about.” — Ilhan Omar

17. “We can all agree that we need to be helping small businesses. All of us can agree that the cost of higher education is too high, and college debt is too big of a burden for young people.” — Ilhan Omar

18. “ICE has only become increasingly militarized, brutal, and unaccountable.” — Ilhan Omar

19. “Fighting gerrymandering is one thing. The other thing is ensuring we have the right candidates for the people and not the right candidates for the Party.” — Ilhan Omar

20. “We’ve become the party that wants to appease everyone and no one. And I think the only way that the Democrats become viable again is if we have people who have moral clarity and courage to say what they need to say and fight for what they need to fight for.” — Ilhan Omar

21. “When people were selling the politics of fear and division and destruction, we were talking about hope. We were talking about the politics of joy.” — Ilhan Omar

22. “I look forward to being a voice of reason in fighting for transparent and accountable budgets.” — Ilhan Omar

23. “I’m not easily scared; from the age of 8, I learned what it means to have everything you know taken away and what it means to persevere. I approach politics the same way.” — Ilhan Omar

24. “I’m a survivor of war. And if I survived militia, I certainly can survive these people.” — Ilhan Omar

25. “Life in Somalia before the civil war was beautiful. When the war happened, I was 8 years old and at that stage of understanding the world in a different way.” — Ilhan Omar

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