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Best Jonathan Raymond Quotes

Jonathan Raymond Quotes About Life, Change, Motivational & Writing! The writer Jonathan Raymond resides in Portland, Oregon. He wrote The Half-Life and Rain Dragon, as well as short stories and novels for Kelly Reichardt’s movies Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, and First Cow, with whom he co-wrote the screenplays. Raymund was born in 1971. He grew up in Lake Grove, Oregon, went to Lake Oswego High School, and graduated from Swarthmore College.

Jonathan Raymond Quotes

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In New York City, he got his MFA from New School University. The Half-Life, his first novel, was published by Bloomsbury in May 2004. The book received the Publishers Weekly Award for “Best Book of 2004.” Livability, Raymond’s first short story collection, won the Oregon Book Award’s Ken Kesey Award for fiction in 2009.

The film Old Joy, directed by Kelly Reichardt and starring Will Oldham, was adapted from Raymond’s short story Old Joy, inspired by Justine Kurland’s photography. Another of Raymond’s novels, Rain Dragon, revolves around Damon and Amy, who decide to live on a farm after having enough of Los Angeles.

The director and producers of Old Joy, as well as he, was nominated for a John Cassavetes Award from the 2007 Independent Spirit Awards. At the 67th Venice International Film Festival, Raymond wrote the screenplay for Reichardt’s western Meek’s Cutoff (2010), for which he won the Golden Lion.

Best Jonathan Raymond Quotes

1.  “Yo can’t reason someone out of something he didn’t reason himself into.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

2. “Why do I have an issue with banks? They have their greedy fingers in everyones money. No other industry has the power to deduct a bill or fees directly from your own bank account without so much as a notice.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

3. “I have a feeling the writers who find screenwriting difficult are usually just not lazy enough for the job. They don’t know how to stop before the task is done. I’ve always had a knack for leaving things unfinished, which makes screenwriting easier for me than most.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

4. “This book, ‘Free bird’, is so entangled with politics. I wanted to channel my own internal political monologue in some way to get it out of my brain. I’m not happy that the themes of the book have become more relevant as the publication date nears. Most of it was written in 2014 or so, before the whole Donald Trump thing began. As people paying attention know, the rise of Trump and Trumpism is not an aberration or sudden kind of phenomena.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

5. “I’ve often said, not totally jokingly, that screenwriting doesn’t really qualify as real writing at all. You don’t string sentences into paragraphs. You don’t maintain a constant breath, or create internal rhythms, or even develop a fully-formed thought. The camera does all that work for you!” ~ Jonathan Raymond

6. “I think Trump has made it really hard for people to read, period. He’s made it hard for me anyway. Part of his evil is the way it constantly distracts us, constantly upends our horizon. To leave your computer for three hours now is to miss a year’s worth of drama. This is programmatic and common to other autocratic regimes of our times.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

7. “I’m interested in the ongoing war between the individual and community. That inner dissent against whatever group is surrounding you. No one wants to cede their selfhood to a group, right? And yet no one can exactly live outside the group, either. Even the most obstinate survivalist probably lives in some telepathic communion with all the other obstinate survivalists out there in the woods.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

8. “I would never ever condone any violence of any kind. But in the theater of fiction, blood is delightful.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

9. “I’m the type of spiritual person that doesn’t speak openly about their spirituality. Irony is probably my religion.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

10. “Livability has always struck me as a consolation prize.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

11. “The debate analysis in the media is rampant with contest analogies of war, baseball, boxing, football; you name it. Any testosterone contest imaginable is fair game.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

12. “My grandfather was a Holocaust survivor and his life and history were very formative to myself and my family. The almost unimaginable dichotomy between the different eras of his life always crushed my brain on some level. That this guy who was shoveling carob chips out of a barrel and restocking yogurt popsicles could also have those numbers on his arm. It was an inconceivable juxtaposition. His experience was the main window for our family into any kind of social consciousness, or sense of history, or politics, even though a lot of it went unsaid.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

13. “Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

14. “I grew up with very little religious training. Actually, like, none. I think what Jewishness I felt as a kid stemmed almost entirely from this atrocity in our family tree.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

15. “We moved up to Oregon when I was eight, and I think the radical absence of Jewish life here might have strangely made me feel more Jewish. It’s a contextual thing I guess.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

16. “As a book person and a movie person, I feel Jewish. My Dad was more Buddhist than anything, and on the West Coast I’ve often had the impression that Jews become Buddhists. I think, if anything, my religion has more to do with California consciousness, vibrations and energy. My wife isn’t Jewish. There’s nothing ceremonial going on at our house, I mean, occasionally a candle gets lit. But, definitely, my Judaism is an ongoing relationship, one that remains to be consummated.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

17. “I think these large bureaucratic institutions are created in some way explicitly to inoculate anyone from actual responsibility, to create a much more diffuse and blameless kind of society.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

18. “I found once you start writing about God it’s really fun. It’s like a rock singer saying “baby.” “Baby, baby, baaayy-by.” You start saying “God” on the page and you don’t want to stop.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

19. “I guess I will say, going back to the Judaism questions, there are mental reflexes or patterns that I think of as Jewish in my own feelings about mysticism and theology.Franz Kafka is someone I very much revere. If I believed in holy texts I’d go to him as a touchstone. Not that I read Kafka all the time at this point. In a way, this is what I most want to talk about and it’s the hardest to talk about.” ~ Jonathan Raymond

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