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Best Lauren Southern Quotes

Lauren Southern Quotes About Life, Career, Motivational, Government & Success! In addition to her YouTube channel, Lauren Cherie Southern is a Canadian alt-right political activist and reporter. Right-wing and white nationalist are two terms regularly used to describe her. Lauren was born on 16 June 1995. Regarding her educational background, she enrolled in political science at the University of Fraser Valley but dropped out after just two years.

Lauren Southern Quotes

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She participated in some elections and was nominated for the 2015 Canadian federal elections. To be sure, she is a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the next federal election. She is considered a white nationalist. Previously, she was employed by “The Rebel Media.” Lauren is well-known for her promotion of the Great Replacement idea. In July 2017,  she Uploaded a YouTube video of the same name.

It became so successful that it had over 680,000 views. The goal of this film was to spread the racial conspiracy notion. On her website in June of 2019, Southern announced that she would resign from her involvement in political activity. She said that she decided to step down from her movements because she wanted to take a vacation from public life and politics and instead focus on establishing domestic stability by getting married.

In 2020, she resumed her adventure on YouTube after an absence of many years during which she had taken a break from the site. She is a proponent of the belief that the Holocaust was a Jewish plot to exterminate white people, frequently referred to as anti-Semitic.

Best Lauren Southern Quotes

  1. There’s this ridiculous idea that I’m a gender traitor because I’m not a feminist. I’m supposed to be part of a sisterhood: you’re automatically supposed to support all women just because you have the same genitals as them, which doesn’t make sense. -Lauren Southern
  2. So far, my trip in Australia has been absolutely lovely – wonderful country, wonderful people… And then there’s Melbourne. -Lauren Southern
  3. I’m totally open to changing my beliefs. I could grow up to be a total communist. I could grow up to be a Neocon. I’m looking to have my views challenged. I’m looking to be corrected. -Lauren Southern
  4. This is what’s hard: I know I’m legally a man, but I’m also male-minded, despite having the female appearance. -Lauren Southern
  5. It’s kind of hard to retain the feminine. I have so much respect for the feminine, but it’s actually something I have to work for. -Lauren Southern
  6. When people put effort in life, it’s more beautiful. But it doesn’t come naturally to me. -Lauren Southern
  7. I try to surround myself with the people who genuinely believe in changing things, that are angry about it and want to make changes and want to make a change and are willing. -Lauren Southern
  8. There are so many people that are offended by debate and free speech that sometimes governments cower. It’s just way easier to play into the hands of people who are totalitarian. -Lauren Southern
  9. I think the Americans have it right. The idea of having guns is essentially to protect yourself from a totalitarian government. -Lauren Southern
  10. People think my position is this horrifying, scary, harsh position to say we need to protect our borders and that people cannot illegally enter our nation. This isn’t my opinion – this is the law. -Lauren Southern
  11. This is quite public knowledge. The South African government has said they’re doing it. They’ve started seizing their first couple hundred farms. -Lauren Southern
  12. Come out and say it, Zuckerberg – ‘Our platform that influences billions of people is being used to propagandize left-wing viewpoints.’ -Lauren Southern
  13. I’m happy with being white. I’m fine with being white. I feel zero shame whatsoever in being white. -Lauren Southern
  14. The reality is, we have had filled rooms wherever we’ve spoken, and in New Zealand, the left and the right have been coming together and saying, ‘We believe in free speech.’ -Lauren Southern
  15. It’s a pleasure to land here and see Australia upholding its commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism. -Lauren Southern
  16. The first rule of multiculturalism is that you can’t talk about multiculturalism. -Lauren Southern
  17. Multiculturalism for any western country is a massive issue. The lack of integration, the increase of crime, violence, and mistrust in society, the segregation created due to mass immigration, these are only the beginning phases of something I fear will almost certainly get more worse and violent. -Lauren Southern
  18. If I were black, I could say I’m proud. If I were Asian, I could say I’m proud. If I were any other ethnicity, I could say I’m proud, because that’s how our culture is, but if I’m white and I say I’m proud, the media will go nuts. -Lauren Southern
  19. I don’t think the alt-right would call me alt-right. They call me alt-lite, usually. I just consider myself a nationalist or a traditionalist. -Lauren Southern
  20. It seems as though our leaders have almost forgotten about legal immigration and are just leaving our borders open, which is a detriment culturally, financially, and in a lot of other realms for native people. -Lauren Southern

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