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Best Letterkenny Quotes about Relationship, Love, Life, Motivation & Efficient

Best Letterkenny Quotes about Relationship, Love, Life, Efficient, Motivation! Proper storytelling takes you into the world of the story. Letterkenny, a significant Canadian comedy, mixes the strange and the familiar. The series started on YouTube as Letterkenny problems. Crave made it into a TV show in March 2015, and it premiered in February 2016. The 10th and 11th seasons were made in June 2021, and the Shoresy spin-off show was announced.

Letterkenny Quotes

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There is a bit of Canadian town named Letterkenny that is the focus of Letterkenny. Many of the episodes begin with the following text: “To put that in perspective, the population of Letterkenny is roughly 5,000. So this is what they’re dealing with” Wayne and Katy maintain a small farm and vegetable market with the assistance of Wayne’s buddies Daryl and Squirrely Dan.

In each episode, various characters are introduced: farmers, ice hockey players from out of town, the town’s closed pastor, drug addicts (the “skids”), inhabitants of the adjacent First Nation reserve, Mennonites, and Québécois. This town’s hockey team’s antics, the skids’ attempts to defraud both Letterkenny residents and locals, as well as Wayne’s dating life after the breakup of his high school girlfriend who cheated on him, are all common plot points in the show.

One of the show’s recurring gags is that practically every character can think swiftly and come up with a constant torrent of puns and jokes, as well as intelligent thoughts on global matters. The series earned the Best Comedy Series category at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards.

Letterkenny Quotes from Wayne

1 “Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er.”

2. ”Well, there’s nothing better than a fart. Except kids falling off bikes, maybe.”

3. “And I suggest you let that one marinate.”

4. “Wish you weren’t so [expletive] awkward, bud.”

5. “You stopped toe curlin’ in the hot tub ‘cause you heard sperms stay alive in there and you’ve seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles enough times to know how that story ends.”

6. “Tim’s, McDonald’s, and the beer store are all closed on Christmas Day. And that’s your whole world right there.”

7. “It’s like algebra… why you gotta put numbers and letters together? Why can’t you just go [expletive] yourself?”

8. “You look like a 12-year-old Dutch girl.”

9. “If you have a problem with the majestic Canadian Goose, then you have a problem with me.”

10. “You wish there was a pied piper for possums. But there isn’t, so you’re just gonna have to keep picking ‘em off with a .22.”

11. “You’re made of spare parts, aren’t you, bud?”

12. “You’d best be preparin’ for a donnybrook if you think I’m going to that super soft birthday party of yours.”

13. “You know not to be impolite but sometimes a gal will do some kissing on the ears. This makes me uncomfortable because even though I clean my ears, sometimes a tater will just roll out of there unexpectedly.”

14. “Oh, I got so much time for sushi.”

15. “Oh, come on, kitten. I won’t tell anyone.”

16. “In the words of the genre-bending Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, ‘wake up.’

17. “There’s something really pervy about that word ‘taste.’”

18. “You lose a lot of heat in the neck.”

19. “The bottom inch of a beer bottle is 50% spit”

20. “A smoke and a beer go together like a piss and a fart.”

21. “If you had as many bucks in your wallet as bucks mounted on your wall you’d have, well, give or take six bucks.”

22. “I’d say give your [expletive] a tug, but it looks like your pants are doing that for you.”

23. “You’re 10-Ply, Bud.”

24. “Sing us a song 0r something. Do a trick.”

25. “Let’s go easy over there, Squirrelly Dan.”

26. “There’s happiness calling my name from the bottom of a bottle of Puppers.”

27. “Here’s a poem. Starlight, star bright, why the [expletive] you got earrings on?”

28. “Not my pig, not my farm.”

29. “As sure as God’s got sandals, it beats fighting dudes with treasure trails.”

30. “Every woman knows that the way to a man’s heart is not through his zipper, it’s through his stomach.”

31. “You’re a cup of baby carrots.”

32. “It’s always ok to fart when you’re alone. Accept when you’re in elevators. That’s uncouth.”

33. “I have seen Samuel in the laundry room with a cat one time and you just know that little [expletive] is gonna put it in the dryer.”

34. “Well, she’s a pretty girl. It’s just… uhhh you could let the paint dry a wee bit there, eh?”

35. “A gal at the bar said she liked how your pants fit but she said it in a baby voice and really she can do that on her own time.”

36. “The stupidest thing I ever heard in my life is that a baby is smart.”

37. “If I’m an ant I’m operating the seadoo with my antennae.”

38. “You’re softer than a Cinnabon sampler.”

Letterkenny Quotes from Katy

39. “Not my forte.”

40. “That was well brought up. Too bad you weren’t.”

41. “If I was a Dr. Seuss book, I’d be The Fat in the Hat.”

42. “If you smelly gamey, you ain’t gonna lay me.”

43. “On a scale from one to America, how free are you right now?”

44. “Oh I’m stomping the brakes, put that idea right through the [expletive] windshield.”

Lettterkenny quotes from Daryl

45. “You guys do CrossFit?”

46. “You knew your pal had come into money when he started throwing out perfectly good pistachios like he was above cracking ‘em open with a box cutter like the rest of us.”

47. “I see the muscle shirt came today. Muscles coming tomorrow?”

48. “You came to after having a bar fight. Felt like you got hit by a car, right? But your pal had your back, went on the attack, but it turned off his gal like a night light.”

49. “This eau de toilette is enchantingly refreshing on summer days like this.”

50. “Legen-Dary.”

Letterkenny quotes from Squirrely Dan

51. “You’re pretty good at wrestlin’ there, Katy, and that’s what I appreciate about you.”

52. “Your sister’s hot, Wayne! There I said it! I said it! I regret nothing! I regret nothing!”

53. “I’m so upset about my perennials.”

54. “He is otherworldly! He’s got a dome-like an Easter Island statue.”

55. “Hey! He said simmers down so simmers down! Why don’t you go eat some tartare ya snail-sucking mime lovers?!”

56. “Yeah. Oh, hey, look at you, ground.”

57. “You love that movie The Fox and the Hound so much you can’t bring yourself to kill the fox that’s been getting into the chicken coop. You don’t care if that makes you softer than a Disney matinee.”

Letterkenny quotes from Shoresy

58. “Jonesy your life is so pathetic I get a charity tax break just by hanging around you.”

59. “Your Mom just liked my Instagram post from two years ago in Puerta Vallarta.”

60. “You wanna come to a super soft birthday party?”

61. “Do you know what, I don’t want you to kiss and tell, that’s impolite…. but I am kind of curious.”

62. “Got any more of that electric lettuce? These darts aren’t doing it.”

63. “Betty-Ann, your breath’s so bad it gave me an existential crisis — it made me question my whole life.”

64. “Tell your mom to top off the cell phone she bought me so I can FaceTime her late at night!”

65. “Boulevard of broken dreams!”

Letterkenny quotes from Coach

66. “We only got one shot at this. One chance. One win. Do you know? Vomit on your mom’s spaghetti, or whatever that talking singer says.”

67. “Did little Natisha take your last Halloween Oreo?? You didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to that delicious orange frosting?”

68. “I have never been less embarrassed in all my life.”

Letterkenny quotes from Gail

69. “I am willing to give 69 percent of my company to a partner, why 69 percent? Both sides benefit! Good enough!”

70. “Call me a cake, ‘cause I’ll go straight to your [expletive], cowboy!”

71. “Something about that old goat just really grinds my pepper.”

72. “Look if you are coming, come correct.”

73. “I need to give you one more chance to retract, no questions asked. Before this conversation becomes a confrontation.”

74. “Your sister’s lasagna gave everyone the scoots for weeks up in here.”

75. “Make sure you use that sunscreen ‘cause it’s a great day for hay.”

76. “I need to give you one more chance to retract, no questions asked. Before this conversation becomes a confrontation.”

Letterkenny quotes from Reilly

77. “I mean, just because my name is Reilly doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m a drunken leprechaun.”

78. “Nice onesie! Does it come in men’s?”

79. “Oh, c’mon, where’s your jam, bud?”

80. “Your mom just liked my Instagram post from 2 years ago in Puerto Vallarta. Tell her I’ll put my swim trunks on for her any time she likes.”

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