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Best Louis Farrakhan Quotes

Louis Farrakhan Quotes About Love, Life, inspirational, Forgiveness & Change! The American pastor and political activist Louis Farrakhan is known for his work in the civil rights movement. The “Nation of Islam” (NOI) ” African-American religious organization counts him among its most well-known and prominent figures. In New York City, Farrakhan was born on May 11, 1933. Having started playing the violin at a young age, he’s had a lot of practice.

 Louis Farrakhan Quotes

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He went to ‘Boston Latin School in high school, where he was accepted into ‘English High School.’ Following graduation from English High School, he accepted a scholarship to attend Winston-Salem Teachers College, where he studied for three years on a track scholarship. He began pursuing a musical career in the 1950s. Under the alias ‘The Charmer,’ he made many calypso records.

He was initially introduced to ‘Nation of Islam’ teachings via his buddy and saxophonist Rodney Smith while pursuing his professional music career. He was later asked to attend the annual ‘Saviours Day’ talk by Elijah Muhammad, a member of the Nation of Islam. In July 1955, he was given the go-ahead by the NOI headquarters. Originally known as Louis X, he eventually changed his name to Louis Farrakhan, the “holy name.”

After abandoning his career as a musician, he decided to devote himself to the “Nation of Islam.”‘ He rose through the ranks in only nine months and became Malcolm X’s assistant preacher at Muhammad’s Temple of Islam in Boston. In 1965, he was named the minister of the Harlem Mosque, a post he maintained until 1975. During his time in office, he blamed Jews and other ethnic and racial groups for the problems African-Americans overcome.

Best Louis Farrakhan Quotes

1. “You cannot make a person open up to you and accept your forgiveness. When you have wronged somebody, and you know you have wronged them, your duty is to repent and ask for forgiveness.”-Louis Farrakhan 

2. “In life there are circumstances, and by His active will or His permissive will, God allows things to happen in our lives to bring out of us what is within.”-Louis Farrakhan 

3. “So somebody does some evil to you, it ain’t what goes in, but how you respond. And it is not what they do that defiles you, it is how you respond to what is done to you that defiles you.”-Louis Farrakhan 

4. “When God forgives, it allows him to come to our rescue.”-Louis Farrakhan 

5. “When you understand who you are, then all you need is the right mind in you. You were made by God in his image after his likeness, so all of you are God’s children, children of the most high god. made in God’s image. The problem with the gods is that you are not thinking like a god, you are thinking like the world.”-Louis Farrakhan 

6. “Forgiveness allows for God to come to us, even though we are stained by sin, forgiveness allows us to approach one another.”-Louis Farrakhan 

7. “The things that people do to us that are evil, they stick, the good things that people do to us we can hardly remember. That’s a sign that good is your natural state and evil is an apparition.-Louis Farrakhan 

8.“True religion comes from within.”-Louis Farrakhan 

9. “When you grow starting with law, starting with imposing limits on yourself, you grow into that out of which the law came. You grow into love”-Louis Farrakhan 

10. Jesus said, “It’s not what goes in that defiles a man, it is what comes out.”-Louis Farrakhan 

11. “Forgive, and be forgiven, and let’s get on with the business of turning nothing into something.”-Louis Farrakhan 

12. “Many of us are separated, one from another because of some trespass that they did to us or we did to them. And we are holding on to that.”-Louis Farrakhan 

13. “When we break faith with God and commit that which is against God’s will and God’s law, this is that which separates us from God and gradually disconnects us from God.”-Louis Farrakhan 

14. “We responded to our enslavement with bitterness, but since it is the will of God, let’s remove the bitterness and say ‘God you knew what you were doing, you fitted us out now for your glory’ no longer not pitied, no longer not loved, now we are the people of God.”-Louis Farrakhan 

15. “Our sins have caused us to be scattered within, and now separated one from another where hatred abides where there should be love.”-Louis Farrakhan 

16. “Unfaithfulness is what breaks our bond.”-Louis Farrakhan 

17. “United we can solve our problems, divided we have nothing.”-Louis Farrakhan 

18. “History is our guide, and without a knowledge of history, we are lost!”-Louis Farrakhan 

19. “A wise man who has the moment in his hand should not let that moment slip.”-Louis Farrakhan 

20. “Never exalt people because they’re in your family; never exalt people because they’re your color; never exalt people because they’re your kinfolk. Exalt them because they’re worthy.”-Louis Farrakhan 

21. “But if I thought on it, I would like to be remembered as a brother who loved his people and did everything that I knew to fight for them, the liberation of our people.”-Louis Farrakhan 

22. “Did you see the Pope went to South America? I thought about him in Ecuador, Honduras and Bolivia. Three countries in South America. And the Pope, he asked them to forgive the church. Did you hear that brothers and sisters? He didn’t say forgive Jesus. The church that was killing indigenous people wasn’t connected to Jesus. They were connected to a cross.”-Louis Farrakhan 

23. “They should regard me as what I am. I am a spiritual leader and teacher.”-Louis Farrakhan 

24. “Sin separates us from God and from ourselves. Even when you have been reduced to nothing by sin, God makes himself available. He allows you and me to recognize the void in our lives.-Louis Farrakhan 

25. “Sin reduced you to nothing, but God said ‘I am going to take nothing and use it for my glory.’”-Louis Farrakhan 

26. “I don’t think about my legacy if indeed, I have one.”-Louis Farrakhan 

27 “Naturally, when one makes progressive steps, there may be some who see it as a betrayal of their goals and interests.”-Louis Farrakhan 

28. “Our communities don’t have peace because they are not safe; they are not secure.”-Louis Farrakhan 

29. “Harlotry and adultery were punishable by death because adultery produces death, it produces the death of a relationship but it also produces the death of the self.”-Louis Farrakhan 

30. “Without an advocate for the poor, without a new state of mind in America, the country lies on the brink of anarchy.”-Louis Farrakhan 

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