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Best Otto Von Bismarck Quotes

Otto Von Bismarck Quotes About Russia, War, Balkans, Politics, Blood and Iron, America, Poland, Abdul Hamid, Life & Success! “Iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck, who led Germany from 1862 until 1890, was the driving force behind the nation’s modernization and unity. Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815. In Berlin, Bismarck received his formal education. Then he worked his way up the diplomatic ladder until retiring at 24 to manage his family’s estate in Kneiphof. From 1851 until 1862, Bismarck worked as an ambassador to the German Confederation in Frankfurt, St. Petersburg, and Paris, where he gained significant insight into the weaknesses of Europe’s major nations.

Otto Von Bismarck Quotes

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William I of Prussia ascended to the throne in 1861, and a year later, Bismarck was his first minister. In actuality, Bismarck was in command, manipulating the monarch with his brilliance and occasional tantrums while utilizing royal decrees to evade the authority of elected authorities. Throughout 1864, Bismarck initiated a series of wars to consolidate Prussian dominance in Europe. William I and Bismarck consolidated their influence at home after Germany’s unification.

In the 1880s, Bismarck put aside his conservative instincts to confront the socialists by building Europe’s first modern welfare state, including public healthcare, accident insurance, and old-age pensions. After the “Scramble for Africa” concluded in 1885, Bismarck held the Berlin Conference, which established German colonies in Cameroon, Togoland, and East and Southwest Africa.

Sadly, he passed away on July 30, 1898. Even though Bismarck had no idea what would happen to Germany when his reign ended, he worked relentlessly to ensure its future. He has one of the most famous historical leaders, and his opinions and comments on government, diplomacy, and war are well known.

Best Otto Von Bismarck Quotes

1. “Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.” — Otto von Bismarck

2. “People never lie so much as before an election, during a war, or after a hunt.” — Otto von Bismarck

3. “When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.” — Otto von Bismarck

4. “Man cannot control the current of events. He can only float with them and steer.” — Otto von Bismarck

5. “We live in a wondrous time, in which the strong is weak because of his scruples, and the weak grows strong because of his audacity.” — Otto von Bismarck

6. “The main thing is to make history, not to write it.” — Otto von Bismarck

7. “With a gentleman, I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud, I try to be a fraud and a half.” — Otto von Bismarck

8. “A really great man is known by three signs: generosity in the design, humanity in the execution, moderation in success.” — Otto von Bismarck

9. “It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong.” — Otto von Bismarck

10. “Hounds follow those who feed them.” — Otto von Bismarck

11. “An appeal to fear never finds an echo in German hearts.” — Otto von Bismarck

12. “You can do anything with children if you only play with them.” — Otto von Bismarck

13. “Our German forefathers had a very kind religion. They believed that, after death, they would meet again all the good dogs that had been their companions in life. I wish I could believe that too.” — Otto von Bismarck

14. “We Germans fear God, but nothing else in the world.” — Otto von Bismarck

15. “I have often regretted what I have eaten, but never what I have drunk.” — Otto von Bismarck

16. “Love is blind; friendship tries not to notice.” — Otto von Bismarck

17. “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best.” — Otto von Bismarck

18. “Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.” — Otto von Bismarck

19. “Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.” — Otto von Bismarck

20. “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.” — Otto von Bismarck

21. “Faust complained about having two souls in his breast, but I harbor a whole crowd of them and they quarrel. It is like being in a republic.” — Otto von Bismarck

22. “Politics are not a science-based on logic; they are the capacity of always choosing at each instant, in constantly changing situations, the least harmful, the most useful.” — Otto von Bismarck

23. “The statesman’s task is to hear God’s footsteps marching through history, and to try and catch on to His coattails as He marches past.” — Otto von Bismarck

24. “The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia.” — Otto von Bismarck

25. “Politics ruins the character.” — Otto von Bismarck

26. “Political judgment is the ability to hear the distant hoofbeats of the horse of history.” — Otto von Bismarck

27. “[Government] is cancerous in head and limbs; only its belly is sound, and the laws it excretes are the most straightforward shit in the world.” — Otto von Bismarck

28. “Politics is the art of the possible, the science of the relative.” — Otto von Bismarck

29. “Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!” — Otto von Bismarck

30. “Whoever speaks of Europe is wrong: it is a geographical expression.” — Otto von Bismarck

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