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Best Victor-Hugo-Quotes

Victor-Hugo-Quotes About Life, Love, Death, Marriage, Education, Darkness, Law & Music! Victor Hugo was born in Paris, France On February 26, 1802, and is renowned for his novels Notre-Dame de Paris and Les Misérables. He is also a prominent French novelist best known for his masterpiece Les Misérables. In addition, Hugo was a poet and a playwright who played a vital role in the Romantic Movement.


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Despite having received a law degree, Hugo was far more interested in writing than law. Young Victor was inspired to pursue his interest by his mother. The latter encouraged him to start a literary magazine, the Conservateur Littéraire, in which he published his writing and the work of his friends. Hugo was just 20 years old when his first poetry collection, Odes ET Poésies Diverses, earned his fame as a poet and secured him a royal annuity.

Hugo was expelled from his nation after the Revolution of 1848 when Napoleon III came to power since he did not hold the same political ideas. He lived in exile for about 19 years, during which time he was at his most prolific, producing some of his most outstanding work.

Hugo was also a great artist among his many accomplishments as a poet and writer. He created more than 4000 pictures in his lifetime, gaining him a reputation as a social activist who championed many causes. Unfortunately, he passed away on May 22, 1885, at the age of 83. Hugo’s works are full of passion, love, and beauty, as well as his solid humanitarian views. He was one of the most influential cultural personalities of his generation, and he continues to be so in the present day.

Best Victor-Hugo-Quotes

1. “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”-Victor Hugo.

2. “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”-Victor Hugo.

3. “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”-Victor Hugo.

4. “Taste is the common sense of genius.”-Victor Hugo.

5. “He never went out without a book under his arm, and he often came back with two.”-Victor Hugo.

6. “To die is nothing, but it is terrible not to live.”-Victor Hugo.

7. “The ideal and the beautiful are identical; the ideal corresponds to the idea, and beauty to form; hence idea and substance are cognate.”-Victor Hugo.

8. “To love or to have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further there is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.”-Victor Hugo.

9. “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”-Victor Hugo.

10. “At the end of life death is a departure; but at life’s beginning a departure is death.”-Victor Hugo.

11. “The future has several names. For the weak, it is impossible; for the faint-hearted, it is unknown; but for the valiant, it is ideal.”-Victor Hugo.

12. “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”-Victor Hugo.

13. “To love another person is to see the face of God”.-Victor Hugo

14. ” There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”-Victor Hugo.

15. “Let us sacrifice one day to gain perhaps a whole life.”-Victor Hugo.

16. “There is always more misery among the lower classes than there is humanity in the higher.”-Victor Hugo.

17. “Progress must believe in the face of God. The good cannot be served by impiety. An atheist is an evil leader of the human race.”-Victor Hugo.

19. “He who opens a school door closes a prison.”-Victor Hugo.

20. “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”-Victor Hugo.

21. “And you will keep me safe and you will keep me close and rain’ll make the flowers grow.”-Victor Hugo.

22. “Many great actions are committed in small struggles.”-Victor Hugo.

23. “Ladies, a second piece of advice – do not marry; marriage is a graft; it may take hold or not. Shun the risk.”-Victor Hugo

24. “The straight line, a respectable optical illusion which ruins many a man.”-Victor Hugo.

25. “Change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”-Victor Hugo.

26. “I put a Phrygian cap on the old dictionary.”-Victor Hugo.

27. “Change your opinions, keep to your principles…-Victor Hugo.

28. “To put everything in balance is good; to put everything in harmony is better.”-Victor Hugo.

29. “What would be ugly in a garden constitutes beauty in a mountain.”-Victor Hugo.

30. “He was fond of books, for they are cool and sure friends.”-Victor Hugo.

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